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Hi, My name is Phyllis Barber and I am the BeadWizzard.  I have been collecting and working with beads since I was a little girl.  I have always been fascinated by stones of all kinds, even the big ones called Rocks!!  I started my love of beading with Indian patterns, culture and their jewelry.  This led me into making free style beaded earrings, headbands and wire jewelry in the days of the hippies, starting in 1966. I worked with leather, seed beads, charms and wire forms.

As I got older, I graduated into semi-precious gem stones, loom work and wire wrapping. I experimented with both gold and silver wire, copper, stainless steel and galvanized wire to get different finishes and designs. I flattened the wire, and polished it.  Pretty soon, I had so many pairs of earrings, bracelets and necklaces that I went on the craft show circuit in Michigan. I enjoyed the weekend shows, taking my sister or my daughter with me to help with setup, tear down and sales.  But, I lost my way for some years when the computer took over my life!!!

Five years ago, in the spirit of a revival, my beads started yelling at me to let them out of their storage boxes. I had moved across country to California, San Diego specifically, and craft shows are not a part of the culture out here. But the internet is everywhere!!! So, I have dusted off my finger tips and dove back into my beads!!! And I am so glad to be home again!

What you find on my site are some basic designs that are good for specific holidays.  I have also expand the line into gem stones, swarovski and czech crystals as well as seed beeds, delica beads and more.  Yes, wire wrapping and other free form wire designs are surging out of my head, and will show up too. 

If you have any specific design that you would like to see made, etc, I love very much to do custom work.  All pieces are quoted individually. I cannot do all types of jewelry work, and I don't do repairs at the moment, but all in good time. ;)  So, sit back, let your fingers and the mouse do the work, and wander throughout Holiday-Earrings.com.



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